• Minimum age restriction differs per room, please check our frontpage for more info.
  • 1-7 players per game , please check our frontpage for more info.
  • Players under influence of drugs or alcohol will be excluded from the rooms.
  • Bringing audio- or video equipment inside the rooms is strictly forbidden, resulting in confiscating the equipment and formatting the data carriers.
  • In case of doubt about the welfare or condition of the players the decision from the game master is final. In this case there will be no refunds.
  • Players need to be present at the reserved arrival time, preferred is an arrival 15 minutes earlier. There are no refunds for players who arrive after the reserved start time.
  • We can’t guarantee starting the game for players who arrive late.
  • There is video- and audio surveillance present in every room, both might be recorded and kept several days. Privacy guarantees apply here.
  • It’s not allowed – or needed – to use brute force.
  • Use of our escape rooms en playing the game is completely at your own risk.
  • Unfortunately our location is not accessible for wheelchairs, nor are our rooms.
  • Escape-O-holics is not responsible for loss or damage done to personal belongings. Lockers will be available to store valuable items. Mobile phones and smartwatches are not allowed in the rooms, they might interfere with other electronics.
  • Sharing the experience is fun, but please give others the chance to have the same experience. Secrecy about the games is the only way to keep it fun for everyone!


Game etiquette


For every game you play with a team there are written and unwritten rules about behavior, this is no different for an escape room. If you want to play the game without getting into a fight with team members (thus losing valuable time) you have to comply to these two important rules.


In an escape room there’s usually only 60 minutes, which could cause anxiety, stress and even extreme rage. Because of this you might start criticizing or belittling team members. That doesn’t work: It doesn’t help you solve puzzles faster. You don’t have to show that you’re better or smarter than others and if you really want others to know, you can do that after the game is finished. Never underestimate your teammates: “stupid” solutions might actually be the right solutions at occasions. Don’t start disagreements about a solution before you’ve tried it, that will cost you time that you don’t have.


A hint is a “gift”; You can use it to proceed when you’re stuck. Sometimes you might fail at a puzzle because it’s constructed poorly, but it also might be you just don’t see the solution yourself. Don’t complain about why you couldn’t solve that puzzle or that you didn’t like the puzzle. It doesn’t help you, better to focus on the hint and work from there.

An escape room can cause emotional reactions, just make sure you don’t bother others with them: not your teammates and not the person who provides the hints. This way the game stays fun for everyone. An escape room should be a fun experience!



I’d like to make a reservation, can i?
Of course you can, please do! Check our reservation system to see which timeslots are available.

I want to block some timeslots, because i’m not sure yet what time we can come and play.
Our system doesn’t accept reservations without payment. If a payment goes wrong the timeslot will be available again in a few minutes. It’s not possible to occupy multiple timeslots without payment.

How many rooms do you have?
You can view our rooms on the front page of our website.

My team has more than 7 players, can we all enter the room at the same time?
Unfortunately not, we want to make sure every player has a great time. We try to avoid players getting bored or feeling left out. 7 players is the maximum for us to guarantee a high quality game. However it is possible to book multiple rooms at once!

Ok, so… We have to make multiple reservations, but we have a company outing. How do we do that?
At the moment we have the possibility to have 18 players active at the same time, the players make the teams themselves or we can do that for them. If there are more players the waiting teams can have a drink in our lounge and play some of the board games there. For extensive catering please contact us by phone.

Can we have a drink after (of before) the game starts?
You sure can, please keep in mind that we only accept card payments (no cash).

I’m pregnant, can I play?
First, congratulations! Sure, there’s no reason that would be a problem.

Is strength or brute force required in the room?
No, it’s not even allowed.

Is it scary?
We don’t really provide scary themes, however some players can experience certain parts as exiting/scary.

Do I need knowledge upfront?
No, one of the greatest parts of an escaperoom is to enter a completely new and unknown environment.

I have trouble walking/standing…
Unfortunately our building isn’t really wheelchair friendly, but after you’ve entered our lobby on the ground floor you can park your wheelchair there. It’s not possible to take the wheelchair to our rooms though. For more information please contact us by phone.

Is there a place where I can see what players say about your room?
Of course you can! For example and