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10Ø Doors

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Only 10 doors separate you and your team from victory! It might seem simple, but the challenges get harder after the game progresses. This challenge had no background stories or special effects, this way your team can focus completely on solving the puzzles. If you succeed in escaping the final door, your team can play one of our other escaperooms for free!

Casino Mysteria

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Panic! Our director John is missing and the casino is locked. Lights are flashing everywhere that the vault inside the casino has been opened so we are really worried something happened! Can your team find a way to enter the casino and solve the mystery of the missing John?


Expected November 2017
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After Granny passed away suddenly a video will was discovered, here Granny is talking about a very valuable heirloom. Granny says in her will that anyone can have one attempt in trying to find that heirloom, however there’s a time limit for each attempt! Be aware though, Granny may seem like a nice little lady, but rumors go she might not have been that innocent at all…


Your team (1-7 players) enter the room and the door closes behind you. Yes, you’re reading this correctly, you will be locked up! Our script is written in a way it’s possible to escape in time, but things might get very challenging before you get there. Only if you work together and show teamspirit you’ll be able to succesfully complete the game.


In this 60 minutes activity, the team experiences a live escaperoom game. Players get the opportunity to show analytic, communicational and organizational skills. Logical thinking under high pressure en thinking outside the box are crucial. Time is ticking….


There’s no way you can win the game without a team (except for the 10 Doors challenge). De rooms are smartly designed to make sure you need a team from 1 to 7 players. Be aware that it can be almost impossible to escape if your team is too small!. The fenomenon Escaperoom is one of the greatest teambuilding experiences ever created. Family, friends, colleagues… It doesn’t really matter who you team up with to have a great time! Because we have multiple different challenges, there is room to have 18 players active!


Solve puzzles, find clues, show your skills and discover how strange objects must be used to escape. Items can seem very unimportant, but might be the key to proceed. “Should i have moved that?”. “What if…?”. Analyse, evaluate, solve and eventually you’ll find the exit… Right? Right???

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10Ø Doors

79 - 109
  • 1 to 4 persons
  • Age 12+
  • Level ++++
  • Timeframe 60 minutes
  • Theme Puzzel

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Casino Mysteria

89 - 134
  • 2 to 7 persons
  • Age 14+
  • Level +++
  • Timeframe 60 minutes
  • Theme Mysterie

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89 - 134
  • 2 to 7 persons
  • Age 18+
  • Level ++
  • Timeframe 60 minutes
  • Theme Humor / X-rated

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